BPS is pleased to announce its Golf R and GTI tuning packages. After many months of detailed work with the MED17.5 and MED 9.1 operating systems these cars use, we have come up with some top results.



The below car was tuned in house, by us onsite, no flash and bash here. Unlike "other" tuners I write all my own software on site, no overnight email tunes. The dip at the start of the run is not us just smashing the throttle to the floor at 1300rpm. This makes the repeated runs kinder to the car and emulates real world driving. Please also note the intake and cell temps. AT:28 is the ambient temp of the cell, IT:29 is the intake air temp as measured at the vehicles actual air intake with the bonnet up. Both the base run and power runs were carried out with the bonnet up. The dyno was locked in SHOOT_44 so as to not allow me to adjust ramp rates etc

We offer the complete service with before and after sheet of your actual cars results.

We have dealers in QLD, NSW, VIC & SA

bps golf r stage 1